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The software can be downloaded and installed on any versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 7 (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) x86 and x64. Please contact us for any question.

Click "Additional Information" button the "Execute anyway" to install TyT.

We guarantee that installing Track your Time is safe for your workstation.

Yes, you can install Track your Time and create a Personal profile. You will be able to use all features and manage up to 5 projects. The free version allows you to work alone, to encode the hours of several people on the same project, you need a Team license.

The Professional license allows you to encode hours for an unlimited number of projects.

You will also have access to the estimates tool that allows you to evaluate budgets for your new projects.

Team licenses are used to encode hours for several employees on the same project. Two types of users are available: managers and coworkers.

Track your Time was designed from the start for team work, you can easily generate supporting reports by project or by collaborator by filtering the services over a period, by task or by collaborator.

Your data is stored on a secure server. See our privacy policy for more details. Your data is automatically synchronized on all your workstations.

Track your Time is currently available in French and English
No, currently you can install TyT only on Microsoft Windows. You can use a virtualization tool as VMware Fusion to use TyT with macOS.
The Personal and Professional versions do not require an Internet connection.The Team version requires an Internet connection to centralize the time entries of your team. If you are temporarily offline, TyT will continue to work by allowing you to encode your hours. These will be automatically synchronized as soon as your connection is restored.
Track your Time automatically informs you when a software or app update is available. The update is very fast and allows you to enjoy the latest features and fixes.
The Team version allows you to use Track your Time on several workstations. Your time entries are automatically synchronized on your different workstations. The Personal and Professional versions work on one workstation.

When you order a Team subscription you receive a subscription id, use this id to create a profile on your workstation.
To install your subscription on others workstations, first create accounts for your colleagues within the software (Manager > Coworkers).
Go to Settings tab (Profiles > Export profile) to export your profile.
To install your subscription on another workstation :
- Double click on the REG file and accept changes to install the profile
- Double click on the installation package "TyT-setup.exe" to install the software
Once installed, you can connect with your login informations

The TyT installation requires administrative rights on your PC. Once installed, you can use it within a limited user session. If you want to deploy Track your Time in a domain, please contact us.

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